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Whether you have a traditional job or work for yourself,  you need to plot your own path if you want fulfillment your career. 

Maybe you find the management track unappealing and would rather stick to your area of expertise. You've gone out on your or are considering it, but worry learning all the new business skills will be daunting.

You have expertise, but something don't quite have the career autonomy or meaning in your work that you long for.

You feel like you're on a hamster wheel, looking for a break.



You have expertise, Now you long for more career fulfillment

  • You want to know how to promote your projects and ideas to make them real.
  • Your open source project, once a source of enjoyment has become an obligation and feels like a second job.
  • You long to write your next book or work on your side projects after your paying work but wish you had more time for these projects.
  • You want to have more impact in your work.
  • You want to know how to package your expertise.

I can help you too.

After working with hundreds of people to build a professional life they love, I've distilled my experience into these three programs targeted to produce your desired goals.


The ORIENT program is for you if you want to get a snapshot of your current situation and targeted recommendations.




You're ready for NAVIGATE if you want to learn how to package your expertise, promote your latest book, are concerned about burnout or need some outside perspective.



You're ready for GUIDE if you long to shift from hands-on keyboard to having more impact using your expertise. GUIDE offers hands-on support marketing your expertise and running your business.

"Suzan is my entrepreneurial muse. She helped me get un-stuck as a creative entrepreneur"

Avdi Grimm, author, Confident Ruby and creator of Ruby Tapas


"Suzan's work spoke to me at a time in my life when my current situation was limiting, but I was so drained that it felt impossible to imagine 'what's next.' I needed a creative, experienced partner to help me make the transition to working for myself again. We worked together to build a new model step by step. Suzan helped me re-imagine myself and my business in an authentic way.  With her partnership, I've changed the course of my career and feel liberated to be wildly successful on my own terms."

Julie Chiron, writer and co-founder Hotwired (


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