Episode 35: Elizabeth Narramore

Elizabeth Barron .jpg

Show Notes:

Software developer and community manager Elizabeth Barron is an avid nature photographer who longed to find more places to shoot so she created Find a Shot.

"We're all strapped for time....what can I do in a half hour?"

Elizabeth talks about how she finds places to photograph, why she decided against open sourcing the project, crafting a community and why its important to bring play back into your work or hobby.

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Episode 34: Tracy Osborn

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Show Notes:

Tracy Osborn is an author, designer and developer who has run four successful Kickstarter campaigns.

"You can't just press the button..."

Indiedotes spoke to Tracy about her latest Kickstarter campaign for Hello Web App 2.0 and what it really takes to run a successful Kickstarter. Tracy also shared her tips for running a successful Kickstarter campaign, why she chose to self-publish her books, and the downside of using Amazon for self-publishing.

Episode 33: Seth Louey

Seth Louey.png

Show Notes:

Serial maker and one of the founders of Botlist, Seth Louey shares the back story and how Botlist successfully launched on Product Hunt.

“You just need to make an impact for a handful of people.”

Seth shares: his advice for launching on ProductHunt, why Botlists launch was so successful, how the site makes money and why Botlist transitioned from a directory to a community.

Episode 32: Brian Hogan

Brian Hogan photo.jpeg

Show Notes:

Brian Hogan built Codecaster to get the most out of the time he had with students in class by maximizing practice. 

“If you’re the teacher it’s your responsibility to create a welcoming teaching environment.”

 The creator of Codecaster on creating a product to solve your own problem, why he built it in a language he’d never used before, the features he shipped in the beta version and how he built feedback loops into his project.

Episode 31: Andy Croll

Andy Croll.jpg

Show Notes

Experienced software developer Andy Croll has helped shut down a number of projects. Rather than being a low point, it helped him gain more clarity. 

“You go in full of enthusiasm.” 

Andy shares why he doesn’t consider shutting a project down a total loss, and how a project ending helped him figure out his technological preference, what he’s best at and enjoys the most. 

Episode 30: Robby Russell

Robby Russell.jpg

Show Notes:

Robby Russell created Oh My Zsh to support his co-workers, never intending it to become a popular open source project.

"This side project was a good way to experiment with some ideas.”

Robby shares how a rescinded verbal offer transformed his career, setting him on a new path ultimately to starting Planet Argon. He speaks about the origin story of Oh My Zsh experimenting with marketing and branding on a open source projects, and the legacy he wants to leave -- it might surprise you.

Episode 29: Lara Hogan

Lara Hogan .jpeg

Show Notes:

Lara Hogan is the author of three books, including her latest, Demystifying Public Speaking.

" I thought, maybe it will go horribly wrong, and maybe I'll learn something about myself."

Lara shares how she found her publishers, finding her writing routine, how she got feedback, how she found the angle of her book and how long it took her to write.

Episode 28: Ryan Luikens

Ryan Luikens .png

Show Notes:

Ryan Luikens shares why he stopped drawing, how he got started again and reclaimed his creativity.

" I had to find a way to transform from a professional non-creative into someone who made things."

Ryan shares the story of how he wrote his first picture book in two weeks, changing his perception of himself and his theory of developing a minimum viable habit.

Episode 27: Eric Holscher


Show Notes:

Eric Holscher attended a 48 hour hackathon hoping to have a fun weekend building something. That project, Read the Docs, now has seven millions developers on the platform each month and is his full time job.

"I'm wearing a pager, people are depending on me, it's something that's important to the community, so I need to invest more into it."

Eric and I discussed how he settled on a business model, created ethical standards for advertising and why they avoided a subscription model. We also talked about how to build a sustainable open source project and the essential question he wrestled with after hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Episode 26: Lynne Tye


Show Notes:

Lynne Tye created key : values to help match software developers with companies which hold similar values. She might make you rethink how you find your next job or your next employees.

“Looking for a job was so painful.”

The creator shares why she created key : values and:

  • How she was able to go full time
  • The role of mini launches
  • What to do after launch
  • How to keep driving traffic
  • How she dealt with perfectionism
  • Why she wished she launched sooner.