Ready to transform your freelance gigs into a sustainable business?

You've been working for yourself for a while. You're making good money and have a roster of clients. But work from your network is slowing down and you're wondering how to bring in more business. Your web presence scares away prospects or worse -- they never find you.

You've done well with your referrals from your personal network, but you want better work -- and better clients. You've been haphazardly experimenting with the latest marketing techniques without much success. You feel like your hands on the keyboard for someone else's business (even though you're independent). You're bouncing around from decision to decision without a coherent strategy.

You're beginning to feel like your business is running you. Some days it even feels like you're on a hamster wheel -- not getting anywhere. Worse, your time with your family and social activities are starting to suffer.

Something needs to change.


You long to:

  • Have a reliable flow of clients doing work you enjoy and that has impact
  • Work on your terms, not the clients
  • Be able to take time away from the business without worrying
  • Minimize the risk of shifting from hands-on keyboard to hands-off leveraged products
  • Make decisions with more ease and confidence
  • Create a coherent strategy to promote yourself while still feeling like yourself



Break Free from Running in Place

Getting off the hamster wheel isn't about working more hours -- you're already doing that. It's about having a total business strategy that support your goals -- professionally and personally. It's about being savvy about where you put your energy. You're busy taking care of client work -- you don't have a ton of time to learn everything you need to know and do to shift your business into a sustainable mode.

You don't have to do it all yourself. You need knowledgeable, experienced support.

Hi, I'm Suzan Bond, the founder of Bet On Yourself. I'm here to help you transform your freelance gigs into a business that gives you the flexibility and meaning -- while earning an income that allows you to support your family and do all the things you want. I spent years working for others. It drained me being chained to my desk, working according to someone else's schedule and churning out work I didn't really believe in. I had a different vision. And I wanted more. So, I went out on my own. 

In the beginning I made a ton of mistakes: not knowing what kind of work I really wanted, dealing with problem clients for too long and not understanding my value. Still, It was the best decision I've ever made. I've learned so much in 12 years working for myself, I now help freelancers transform their work (and life) without sacrificing who they are or what's most important to them. And, with less stress.


    The Bet On Yourself approach

    Having a business is like having a diamond in your hands -- there are so many facets to consider. To show off that diamond fully, you need to consider many aspects. The TRANSFORM package takes a holistic approach to getting what you want: more ease in your business, better decision making and steady pipeline of clients without having to sacrifice your ideals.

    During our work we’ll focus on four key areas, customizing each to your specific needs:

    • Business strategy
    • External presence
    • Promotional strategy
    • Mindset indicators

    Your TRANSFORM program includes:

    • A dedicated Slack channel (think of it as your on-call support line)
    • Unlimited email support - send me questions, materials to review, or anything else you need support with
    • A powerful assessment that targets your power strengths
    • Access to the Bet On Yourself library of templates
    • Tools for your external presence and promotional support (website, sales pipeline, etc.)
    • Customized resources & recommendations – I'll give you articles, referrals, book recommendations, tools and other resources specifically for your situation
    • An in-depth strategy session to:
      • Determine near and far horizon business priorities
      • Set critical path goals (prioritized and metric backed)
      • Recognize mindset roadblocks that sabotage your business
    • An initial audit covering
      • Business strategy
      • External presence
      • Promotional strategy
      • Mindset indicator
    • Weekly strategy sessions dedicated to YOUR business



    You'll walk away with a business framework and strategy that you'll carry with you forever. You'll have clear business processes and a promotion strategy you can easily execute.

      You might have a few questions. Let's talk about them


      Will this fit my particular situation?

      The TRANSFORM program is for motivated professionals with well-honed expertise who've had some level of success. This is my specialty. Running my own business for 12 years has refined my business skills. I combine this with a executive and career coaching background. So, while I understand business and promotion strategy, I also understand how to leverage your strengths, eliminate obstacles and keep you moving forward. My particular combination means I can adjust my framework to develop a plan that works for your situation.

      Can I balance my existing clients with the TRANSFORM program?

      I've helped plenty of people to transition from freelance work that looks more like a traditional job (albeit without the W-2) to a robust business. What's more, I've actually done this myself. When I first went out on my own, in a new industry, during the middle of an economic downturn. (eek!) I took a mostly full-time gig while building my business on the side. I figured out how to transition to working on my business full-time within a year. Now I help other solopreneurs do the same. While you may decide to let go of clients or shift your business model, this is built right into the program.

      Is it all done for me? How much effort will it take?

      While more focused on strategy, the TRANSFORM program does offer a few services that are done for you. These specific services are determined during our initial strategy sessions and tweaked as needed. However, it's your business, so YOU are the most important part of the program. To build your business, you're going to have to do some work so you'll need to devote a few hours a week. Your future business will thank you.

      Will you turn me into a personal brand?

      Our work won't make you create an artificial persona. It's actually the opposite: You'll to be more of yourself. Here's the thing. If you have any sort of website, are on social media, have spoken at a conference or even if you have a public github profile, you already have a personal brand. Even if it isn't articulated, or have a fun logo to represent it, you still have a reputation (i.e. a personal brand). During the program you'll learn what a brand encompasses (there are six elements), identify how you present yourself to the world and discover how it can help the right people find you. All while acting like and feeling like you.

      Will I have to become a spammer?

      Absolutely not. The TRANSFORM program is the antithesis of being a spammer. My clients are allergic to fake or misleading marketing. I am too.

      There are plenty of bad marketing examples: the one who have great marketing but a bad product or the ones who make everything about them. But there are plenty of ways to promote your work without falling into scummy practices or by preying on people's weaknesses. And if you want to have a robust business, you have to learn how to promote yourself. During the program I'll teach what you need to know about marketing -- and how to do it with integrity. You'll also learn how to promote your work and find your right audience while still being able to look yourself in the mirror.

      Will this really work? What if I decide it's not working for me?

      Like anything that's built to last, it can take time to get the results you want. So, we begin with an initial three month program to ensure you can begin to see results. If you feel it's not working, you can leave at anytime, because you should always be free to make the right choices for your business.

      The TRANSFORM package is designed for you if you want:

      • To develop your marketing stack so it runs smoothly
      • To increase your knowledge of marketing strategy and tactics
      • An experienced mentor who's been there before
      • Someone who is committed to helping you build a robust business without comprising your ideals
      • A system your business runs smoothly while you focus on sharing your expertise.
      • A framework to eliminate decision fatigue
      • A steady pipeline of work with ideal clients
      • To know how to best share your work with the people you can best help

      p.s. The TRANSFORM program has been closed for the past year. To have the most impact, I'm only taking on one new person into the program.


      Here's to betting on yourself,