Greatest Hits of 2016

This year I got really serious about two things: my photography and writing. If you want to see my favorite shots of the year, go here. For a few of my most favorite articles of the year, read on. Thank you for reading this year. I hope you found a piece of inspiration or something that helped make your independent journey a bit easier.

Here are my 5 favorite articles of the year and the reason why.


That one person on the internet

Starting as a rant, mostly aimed at myself, I was shocked when this became my most read piece of 2016. I was shocked how many people wrote to tell me how much it resonated. Most of us, even the most confident of us, have allowed someone on the internet to hold us back.


What to do when times are uncertain 

I didn’t intend to write about this topic but it became one of my most popular. While things seem highly uncertain right now, the truth is, when you work for yourself, there’s always uncertainty. The sooner you can learn how to manage, if not embrace it, the better.


Navigating the boundaries of a personal brand 

This may have been the most fun piece I wrote all year. When else can you weave identity, cognitive dissonance and performative happiness? Despite all that, one of the best parts of this piece are the real-life stories.


3 signs you’re still thinking like an employee after becoming your own boss 

Mindset, as you know by now, is one of my favorite topics as you well know by now. While we think tactics are the biggest problem we face, most often the largest challenge actually lies in our own head. Shifting your thoughts won’t help you have a thriving six-figure business alone but it is the first hurdle.


What I think about every morning 

Some articlesjust flow out of me without much thought. This was one of them. Barely an hour passed between sitting down and finishing it. This may be one of the most personal pieces I’ve ever written. Though it’s not directly about working for yourself, I’m including it because there’s an important message about being a human.


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