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You know how to make money.

But it feels like you're barely staying on top of it all. Sometimes, it feels like your business is running you. Your business started on the strength of your network but instead of a sustainable business, it feels like a series of freelance gigs. Referrals are leveling off and you're not sure what to do. Decision fatigue is starting to set in.

You feel like you're on a hamster wheel, looking for a break.



You love working for yourself, you just want to feel like you're making progress

  • You want to take time away from your business without worrying about it.
  • You want to learn how to have a robust business, customers banging at your door and the kind of confidence that allows you to sleep easy at night.
  • You long for a waiting list of dream clients.
  • You want to feel more confident in a more stable income stream.
  • You want to feel natural promoting your work, not like putting on a different personality.
  • You want to focus some time on building your business, not just your clients.

I can help you too.

After working with hundreds of people to build a professional life they love, I've distilled my experience into these three programs targeted to produce your desired goals. Pick the one that's right for your situation and start building a sustainable business today.

The FOCUS package is for you if you want to get a snapshot of your current situation and targeted recommendations of where to focus your efforts.


You're ready for BUILD if you have: 

  • A business strategy but need a bit of targeted advice
  • A solid web presence but want it to better reflect your identity
  • High valuable expertise but watch your prospects' eyes glaze over whenever you talk about your work

It's time to TRANSFORM if you long to: 

  • Minimize the risk of shifting from hands-on keyboard to hands-off, leveraged products
  • Create a coherent promotion strategy that doesn't make you uncomfortable in your own skin
  • Have a reliable stream of clients without relying on the ebb and flow of your personal network
  • Make decisions with more ease and confidence
  • Work on your terms, not the clients

"Two months after making the leap to became an independent, I scheduled a chat with Suzan. The catch for me was the opportunity to talk with someone who had experience and was willing to share it. When I booked the call, in my head we would just discuss some of the few points I wanted to ask her about organizing the work/life schedule. But our chat was much more than that.

Suzan changed my perspective on what working for myself is. She saw the issue I was having as a new self employed and offered good advice that made it easier for me understand and experience my daily routine as an independent. Definitely recommended!"

Marina Trevisan


"Suzan's work spoke to me at a time in my life when my current situation was limiting, but I was so drained that it felt impossible to imagine 'what's next.' I needed a creative, experienced partner to help me make the transition to working for myself again. We worked together to build a new model step by step. Suzan helped me re-imagine myself and my business in an authentic way.  With her partnership, I've changed the course of my career and feel liberated to be wildly successful on my own terms."

Julie Chiron, writer and co-founder Hotwired (


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