Wondering if you're focused on the right things to move your business forward?

It's hard to see outside yourself. You can't see the individual trees in the dense forest. Sometimes perspective from an expert eye will give the clarity you need. Or, a gut check on a decision you're contemplating. The ORIENT program gives a snapshot of your current situation and targeted recommendations on where to focus your efforts. I created the ORIENT program for business to give solopreneurs an outside perspective on their business, to help them prioritize and get unstuck.


The ORIENT program includes:

  • An assessment report of your current situation and recommendations
  • An hour-long strategy session to review your report, get perspective,  and prioritize next steps.

The ORIENT program is for you if you:

  • Keep getting crappy clients
  • Feel stuck but don't know why
  • Aren't sure how to promote yourself or business
  • Don't know where to invest your time
  • You need a bit of outside perspective

Hi, I’m Suzan Bond, the founder of Bet On Yourself.

I help technical experts like you build a meaningful career on their terms. Whether you have a traditional job or work for yourself,  you need to plot your own path if you want fulfillment your career. 

You've gone out on your or are considering it, but worry learning all the new business skills will be daunting. You're not sure where to invest your time and energy.

At this point in your career, it's hard to find mentors to give you perspective on how to build that career, package your expertise, promote your latest book or balance it all.  You need someone with complementary skills to help you define what path looks like for you.

I have 10 years experience coaching technical experts to discover and define a meaningful career path -- on their terms.

Questions You Might HAve about the ORIENT program

Can you really give me a perspective with just one session?

The ORIENT program starts with an in-depth holistic look at your situation followed up with a strategy session. This combination allows us to provide insights in a short amount of time -- so you can get back to work and, on the right priorities. 

My situation is complicated, does ORIENT apply to me?

Yes, absolutely! The goal of the ORIENT program is to help you streamline and prioritize. We welcome complicated situations. Sometimes our situation seems complex or unsolvable because we're just too close. Our process and strategy session will help you hone in on your top priorities so you can make decisions, take action and move forward.

What if I'm unsatisfied with the ORIENT program?

If you don't get the value you were hoping for from the program, I'm happy to give you your money back.