Get Unstuck


The best thing about working for yourself is that you get to make every decision. The hardest thing about working for yourself can also be that you have to make every decision. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective. I totally get that. That's why I'm offering subscribers of the email a couple of spots on my calendar every week. This is a chance to thank the Bet On Yourself community for coming on this journey with me. I promise not to sell you anything.

We can talk about anything you want related to working for yourself:

  • how to be more productive
  • pricing yourself
  • managing your online identity
  • getting the word out

Or whatever is on your mind. I'm all yours.

Here's to betting on yourself,


"Two months after making the leap to became an independent, I scheduled a chat with Suzan. The catch for me was the opportunity to talk with someone who had experience and was willing to share it. When I booked the call, in my head we would just discuss some of the few points I wanted to ask her about organizing the work/life schedule. But our chat was much more than that.

Suzan changed my perspective on what working for myself is. She saw the issue I was having as a new self employed and offered good advice that made it easier for me understand and experience my daily routine as an independent. Definitely recommended!"

Marina Trevisan