Hi. I'm Suzan.

I created Bet On Yourself to help you unshackle from freelancing and build a sustainable business.

You work for yourself and have been successful. But sometimes you wonder if you're making the right decisions and want some outside perspective.

You're ready to build a solo business that gives you true self-sufficiency and the flexible schedule you dreamed of.



It's time to bet on yourself.

  • Feeling uncertain about your business strategy?
  • Are your marketing efforts not giving you the results you expect?
  • Putting off big decisions that are holding your business back?

The FOCUS program is for you.


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Read my Fast Company article, Why I stopped calling myself a freelancer, one of the top ten business lessons of the year.

What to do when a client doesn't pay.

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"Working with Suzan has both lowered my stress level and increased my income. Before Suzan, I was running on a reactive hamster wheel.  I spent so much time responding to personal requests from random individuals that I couldn't complete big works of general utility. Her help with business strategy helped me identify my larger goals and focus on the things that matter."

Sandi Metz, author, Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby

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"I think of Suzan as my brand whisperer.  She's a great listener who has helped me cut through the noise of business as usual to make key strategy course corrections. It's such a gift to have her see who you are and what you should focus on to have a fulfilling professional journey.

Marty Haught, software architect and founder, Haught Codeworks


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“Suzan is my secret weapon. I have so many ideas and doubt myself a lot before acting on them. Whenever I feel a slump or that I just need a strategic next step with an idea I’ve been kicking around I call on Suzan. She’s strategic, calls me on my stuff and gets my mind moving. Before the last call I had with her I had an idea I was stuck on for about a year. One day after our call, I had two new clients and a sponsor plus venue booked for the event idea I was stuck on. She not only empowered me to make big moves but literally convinced me to bet on myself! “

Bobbilee Hartman, event planner and engineer


p.s. you've got this.