Career Coaching


You have expertise, now you long for more career fulfillment.

Whether you have a traditional job or work for yourself,  you need to plot your own path if you want fulfillment in your career.

  • You long to shift your career but don't know where to start.
  • You're ready to make a shift but need a strategy.
  • You want to identify your best assets.
  • You want to know how to package your expertise.

You feel like you're on a hamster wheel, looking for a break.

I can help you too.

After working with hundreds of people to build a professional life they love, I've distilled my experience into these programs targeted to produce your desired goals.


Need to get your bearings? Start here.


Orient program - $250

The ORIENT program is for you if you want to get a snapshot of your current situation and targeted recommendations. We'll take a look at your career strategy, your reputation and your mindset.

You'll receive:

  • A report with your recommendations
  • An hour strategy session

Career Boost Services

Home Page Audit.png

Home Page Audit - $99

Platforms change, jobs change but your website is the one asset you own, no matter what. That makes it one of your best career assets. It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or have traditional job. Your website is your home on the internet which means the home page is the front door. Everything flows from there.

Is your home page effective? If it isn't, how should you change it?

A home page audit gives you an outside perspective and priorities for improvement.

Strengths Session - $250

Do you feel like you’re slogging up a hill with your job but don’t know why?Is it hard to describe how you work best to your manager or team members?

Identifying your natural strengths and knowing how to apply them to be most effective makes your work so much easier. After your Strengths Session, you'll understand what your top strengths are and how to use them effectively in your work.

Career Shift - $1,000

Are you considering a career change? Looking for a new job but you don't know how to package yourself or how to make sure you find the right position? Or, are you considering a career shift but don't know how to package your existing work for a new role?

Make sure your next position is aligned with your skills, expertise, and interests. The Career Shift Service offers guidance to help you package your skills and gain clarity on what you want next in your career. Because talking about yourself is hard, we help you identify your best assets to highlight in things like your resume or social media bio.


The Career Shift package helps you:

  • Create a career shift strategy
  • Update your resume + social media bios
  • Develop a search strategy
  • Show off your best career assets
  • Write clearly about yourself
  • Understand the best places to find your ideal position

✴ The Career Shift package is even stronger when paired with a Strengths Session. Purchase the Career Shift Service and the Strengths Session for $1200.


Career Coaching - $1,200/month

Are you feeling stagnant in your career? Ready to make a shift but not sure what that looks like? Do you feel like you're on the hamster wheel of burnout and ready to step off?

Or maybe you just feel like you want a bit of outside perspective. Career coaching can help you:

  • Clarify what you really want from your career
  • Identify your next career move
  • Understand how to package your strengths and expertise

“Suzan is my secret weapon. I have so many ideas and doubt myself a lot before acting on them. Whenever I feel a slump or that I just need a strategic next step with an idea I’ve been kicking around I call on Suzan. She’s strategic, calls me on my stuff and gets my mind moving. Before the last call I had with her I had an idea I was stuck on for about a year. One day after our call, I had two new clients and a sponsor plus venue booked for the event idea I was stuck on. She not only empowered me to make big moves but literally convinced me to bet on myself! “

Bobbilee Hartman, event planner and engineer


"Suzan's work spoke to me at a time in my life when my current situation was limiting, but I was so drained that it felt impossible to imagine 'what's next.' I needed a creative, experienced partner to help me make the transition to working for myself again. We worked together to build a new model step by step. Suzan helped me re-imagine myself and my business in an authentic way.  With her partnership, I've changed the course of my career and feel liberated to be wildly successful on my own terms."

Julie Chiron, writer and co-founder Hotwired (


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