Suzan Bond, Founder of Bet On Yourself

Hi there.

I'm Suzan Bond, the founder of Bet On Yourself. I believe that we're happiest when we have options. I love helping solopreneurs master the art of working for themselves.

I started my first business in an emerging industry, in the middle of an economic downturn. Somehow, I was successful. The number one question people ask is how I did it. That's why I decided to create Bet On Yourself.

I've worked for myself for 12 years. I love it.

My background comes from a broad spectrum of influences from studying music, psychology, and english. Work-wise, I've done all sorts of things including project management, marketing, and branding and business development. I'm a certified business coach and have coached hundreds of people. I blend my experience and coaching background in my work with respected authors, teachers, and consultants in the tech industry.

I've worked for all sorts of companies from the top 5 consulting firms like Accenture to growing business and numerous startups and TechStars companies.  I've also worked as a consultant for the Small Business Development Center and have served as a mentor for the Telluride Venture Accelerator. These days I work with solepreneurs in technology and am a regular contributor for Fast Company.

I started working on the internet when managing the project management for an interactive agency. My love affair with technology continues to this day. I'm slowly learning how to code (in Ruby) in my spare time.

You know that I:

  • Deeply value self-sufficiency.
  • Am very straight-forward.
  • I will never BS you or try to sell you something you don't need.
  • Abhor marketing that makes you feel bad about yourself.
  • Have a special fondness for engineers.
  • Am nerdy to the core and love time travel.
  • Grew up in I drive the freeway like a race track.
  • Love avocado. I'm just mentioning because I talk about it. A lot.


"If I was self-employed again, I’d want Suzan Bond in my corner. Suzan Bond for (my) President."

Keavy McMinn, Software Developer, Git Hub