Suzan Bond, Founder of Bet On Yourself

Hi, I’m Suzan Bond, the founder of Bet On Yourself.

I help technical experts like you build a meaningful career on their terms. Whether you have a traditional job or work for yourself,  you need to plot your own path if you want fulfillment your career. 

You find the management track unappealing and would rather stick to your area of expertise. You've gone out on your or are considering it, but worry learning all the new business skills will be daunting.

At this point in your career, it's hard to find mentors to give you perspective on how to build that career, package your expertise, promote your latest book or balance it all.  You need someone with complementary skills to help you define what path looks like for you.

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    I love my clients:

    technical experts who are respected authors, teachers, and consultants in the tech industry.

    I started working in technology as the head of project management for an interactive agency. My love affair with technology continues to this day. I'm slowly learning how to code (in Ruby) in my spare time. My side project is a digital magic 8-ball that quotes The Matrix, Shakespeare, obscure poets & hip hop lyrics.

    I have 10 years experience coaching technical experts to discover and define a meaningful career path -- on their terms. I've helped hundreds of people do some pretty remarkable things like launch self-published books, start their first business, and transition to a more fulfilling career path.

    Before founding Bet On Yourself, I worked for all sorts of companies from the top 5 consulting firms like Accenture to growing business and numerous startups and TechStars companies. I've also worked as a consultant for the Small Business Development Center and have served as a mentor for Startup Weekend and Telluride Venture Accelerator. I'm also a career, executive and business coach and write for Leadership section of Fast Company.

    I'm really curious about human behavior so I've spent years studying people, motivation and productivity. I love to learn so I ended up with degrees in psychology, sociology, administration and community organizing from Michigan State University and University of Michigan. Though I'm out of school, I still read voraciously. Learning is just a part of my everyday life.

    You should know that I...

    • Deeply value self-sufficiency.
    • Am a recovering Type A -- and always will be.
    • Won't B.S. you or try to sell you something you don't need.
    • Abhor marketing that makes you feel bad about yourself.
    • Have a special fondness for engineers. (hi dad!)
    • Am nerdy to the core and am obsessed with time travel.
    • Grew up in I drive the freeway like a race track.
    • Need to travel frequently or I become a very cranky person.
    • Love avocado. Just mentioning because I talk about them. A lot. 

    Want to learn more about working with me?

      You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Fast Company.

      "Suzan is my entrepreneurial muse. She helped me get un-stuck as a creative entrepreneur"

      Avdi Grimm, author, Confident Ruby and creator of Ruby Tapas


      "If I was self-employed again, I’d want Suzan Bond in my corner. Suzan Bond for (my) President."

      Keavy McMinn, Software Developer, GitHub

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