Assess Package

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Assess Package

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Are you focused on the right things to move your business forward?

When you work for yourself, it's hard to see outside yourself. You can't see the individual trees in the dense forest. Sometimes perspective from an expert eye will give clarity you need.

The ASSESS program is for you if you want to get a snapshot of your current situation and targeted recommendations on where to focus your efforts. The package includes:

  • Targeted assessments in four key areas
    • Growth strategy
    • External presence
    • Promotion strategy
    • Mindset indicators
  • A focused session to review recommendations and plot next steps.

How it works:

Once you purchase the Assess program you'll receive an onboarding package with instructions on next steps. Your assessment will be completed within 3 business days after I receive your completed onboarding package. Your follow-up call will be scheduled within one week. During our focused session, we'll review your assessment in-depth and you'll have a chance to ask me all the questions you want.

You'll walk away with a better understanding of the health of your business, areas of strength and areas where you can improve.

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