Bet On Yourself Guides

The Bet on Yourself Guides are a series of books to help you successfully transition from working for someone else to working for yourself. They cover topics like how to price yourself, how to build a reputation and how to promote yourself without selling your soul.


The Anti-Goals Guide

Is this the year you're going to take the risk to work for yourself? Maybe it's time to get that side gig going or start writing the book you've been daydreaming about.

Are you tired of setting goals that you never seem to meet?

In this practical guide you'll learn why:

  • 92% of us fail in our New Year's resolutions
  • Your mindset is more important than goals
  • Real change takes far longer than 21 days

You'll learn how to:

  • Shift your mindset
  • Set a guiding theme for the year
  • Make a meaningful change that sticks



Bet On Yourself Guides

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  • Making the Transition to Working For Yourself
  • The Secret to Managing Yourself
  • Pricing Yourself
  • Your First Five Clients 
  • How to Build An Audience
  • Promote Yourself Without Feeling Evil