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You've been working for yourself for a while. Youknow how to make money, but sometimes it feels like you're barely staying on top of it all.

You've gotten by off the strength of your network but instead of a sustainable business, it feels more like a series of freelance gigs.

  • You long for a waiting list of dream clients
  • You want promoting your work to feel natural rather than having to put on a while different personality
  • You want to feel more confident in a more stable income stream

You're ready to have a sustainable business, customers banging at your door and the kind of confidence that allows you to sleep easy at night.

Bet On Yourself business coaching services can help you:

  • Package your expertise
  • Identify and package your best assets
  • Create a plan to build a reputation and promote your work
  • Develop processes to build a more sustainable business


After working with hundreds of people to build a professional life they love, I've distilled my experience into these programs targeted to produce your desired goals.


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Orient program - $250

The ORIENT program is for you if you want to get a snapshot of your current situation and targeted recommendations. You'll receive an in-depth review of your business strategy, promotion strategies and your mindset.

You'll receive:

  • A report with your recommendations
  • An hour strategy session

Business Coaching

After working with hundreds of people to build a professional life they love, I've distilled my experience into these three programs targeted to produce your desired goals.

Business Strategy - $1,500

Do you have an idea for a product but you’re not sure how to package and sell it? Do you have a set of skills you’d like to offer to others but don’t know how to put it all together? When you create an offering, you want to make sure to maximize your time and energy investment to ensure you’re approaching it strategically.

The Business Strategy Package helps you to create an overall strategy to package a service or product using your unique strengths,expertise, and experience. Your strategy will also include essential advice on pricing, positioning, audience and clarity on your messaging.


You're ready for the NAVIGATE business coaching program if you want to learn how to package your expertise, create a promotion strategy, business strategy or are feeling stuck in your business and just need an outside perspective.

Guide - $3,000/month

You're ready for the GUIDE business coaching program if you're making at least $150,000 a year and long to shift from hands-on keyboard to having more impact using your expertise. GUIDE offers hands-on support marketing your expertise and running your business.


"Suzan is my entrepreneurial muse. She helped me get un-stuck as a creative entrepreneur"

Avdi Grimm, author, Confident Ruby and creator of Ruby Tapas


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